A Linear Logic Prover (llprover)

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If you are looking for a sequent calculus prover for first-order classical logic (LK), please check Sequent Prover (seqprover).

What's New


This small program searches a cut-free proof of the given two-sided sequent of first-order linear logic. Of course, the proof search of linear logic is undecidable. Therefore, this program limits the number of contraction rules for each path of the proof at most three (this threshold value can be changed). Formulas including additives, exponentials, or quantifiers can not be converted to Proof-net. To format LaTeX output, you need two style files: proof.sty (by Makoto Tatsuta) and linear.sty (does not work on LaTeX2e).

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

System names, notations, and examples are based on Troelstra's text book: Lectures on Linear Logic, CSLI Lecture Notes No.29, 1992.


The prover program (written in SICStus Prolog 2.1) is here (38KB). The whole package is llprover1.4.tar.gz (CGI program is not included). Here is statistics information.


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