Cryptarithmetic Puzzle Solver

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  1. Please input a puzzle (e.g. send+more=money)

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There should be no more than 10 distinct characters. For example, abcde+efghi=ijklm has no solutions (there are 12 distinct characters).
The summation should be the longest word. For example, ab+cde=fg has no solutions (cde is longer than fg).
The summation can not be too long. For example, ab+cd=efgh has no solutions (ab and cd range from 10 to 99, so the summation can not be more than 198).

See statistics to find puzzles with unique solution.

The main part of this program is written in LLP (a Linear Logic Programming language).

I also wrote another cryptarithmetic puzzle solver in C. Source code package is crypt14.tgz (see also README, crypt.c, crypt.h ). This package also includes puzzle generators written in Perl. The followings are generated puzzles.


Naoyuki Tamura / Dept of CS / Kobe University / Japan
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