package sugar

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Type Members

  1. class Encoder extends AnyRef

    Class for encoding CSP to SAT

  2. class MiniSat extends SatSolver2

    Class for MiniSat solvers

  3. class Sat4j extends SatSolver

    Class for Sat4j solver

  4. abstract class SatSolver extends AnyRef

    Abstract class for SAT solvers

  5. class SatSolver1 extends SatSolver

    Class for SAT solvers with one argument

  6. class SatSolver2 extends SatSolver

    Class for SAT solvers with two arguments

  7. abstract class SatSolverLogger extends FileProcessLogger

    Class for analyzing SAT solver log output

  8. class Solver extends AbstractSolver

    Class for Sugar solver

  9. class Sugar extends CoprisTrait

    Class for Sugar DSL

  10. class Translator extends AnyRef

    Class for translating CSP to a list of Sugar expressions

Value Members

  1. object Glucose extends MiniSat

    Object for Gluecose solver ("glucose")

  2. object GlueMiniSat extends MiniSat

    Object for GlueMiniSat solver ("glueminisat")

  3. object MiniSat extends MiniSat

    Object for MiniSat solver ("minisat")

  4. object MiniSat2 extends MiniSat

    Object for MiniSat 2 solver ("minisat2")

  5. object MiniSat22 extends MiniSat

    Object for MiniSat 2.2 solver ("minisat22")

  6. object PicoSat extends SatSolver1

    Object for PicoSat solver ("picosat")

  7. object PrecoSat extends SatSolver1

    Object for PrecoSat solver ("precosat")

  8. object Sat4j extends Sat4j

    Object for Sat4j solver

  9. object dsl extends CoprisTrait

    Object for Sugar DSL