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This document describes the major changes of Copris (Constraint Programming in Scala).

Version 2.2.5 2014-07-06 Sun

  • Implementation of PB encodings
  • Bug fix of "Iff" in JSR331 translation

Version 2.2.4 2013-12-01 Sun

  • "loader.SugarLoader" and "loader.XCSPLoader" are added.
  • Format option is added to "dump" command.
    dump(fileName, "csp") // outputs CSP file
    dump(fileName, "cnf") // outputs CNF file

Version 2.2.3 2013-11-10 Sun

  • "jp.kobe_u.copris.jsr331" package is added
    • JSR-331 solver can be used by the following method call in Copris DSL.
      use(new jsr331.Solver(csp))
    • Note that the translation from Copris CSP to JSR-331 CSP is not optimized.
    • You need to put JSR-331 implemetation jar files (e.g. jsr331.choco.jar and choco-solver-2.1.5-20120603-with-sources.jar) in lib/jsr331 directory. See
  • Expr#variables and Expr#bools methods are added
  • Undeclared variables and bools are checked in "add" method.

Version 2.2.2 2013-10-13 Sun

  • Copris version 2.2.2 uses Sugar version 2.1.2 and Sat4j version 2.3.5.
  • "jp.kobe_u.copris.smt" package is added
    • SMT solver Z3 can be used by the following method call in Copris DSL.
      use(new smt.Solver(csp, new smt.SmtSolver("/usr/local/bin/z3"))
    • Note that the translation from Copris CSP to SMT input file is not optimized.

Version 2.2.1

  • Method addition: x.! returns Le(x,0)
  • Method addition: x.$ returns If(x,1,0)

Version 2.2.0 2013-09-01 Sun

  • Method renaming: !== –> =/=
    add('x =/= 'y)
  • Method addition: x.? returns Ge(x,1)
    boolInt('x); boolInt('y)
    add('x.? && 'y.?)
  • Implicit conversion from Symbol to Constraint is removed.
  • Object Sum is added. Sum(x1,…,xn) is equivalent to Add(x1,…,xn)
  • Method renaming: sugar.Solver#addDelta –> encodeDelta
  • Factory methods of constructing a specified size Vec and Matrix are added.
    val vec = Vec('x, 10)
    val matrix = Matrix('x, 10, 10)

Version 2.1.0 2013-08-25 Sun

  • Copris version 2.1.0 uses Sugar version 2.1.0 and Sat4j version 2.3.5.
  • 'solutions' method is added to get an iterator of all solutions.
  • 'boolInt' method is added to declare 0-1 integer variables.
  • Implicit conversion from Symbol to Constraint is added in Copris DSL.
    add('x || 'y)
    add('x + 'y === 1)

Version 2.0.0 2013-02-15 Fri

  • Using Sugar version 2.0.0 and Sat4j version 2.3.3
  • Jar files of Sugar and Sat4j are included to Copris package

Version 1.0.3 2012-06-08 Fri

  • Names of temporary variables are changed

Version 1.0.2 2012-06-08 Fri

  • Performance improvement for adding variables and constraints

Version 1.0.1 2011-09-11 Sun

  • value and values methods of solvers are now deprecated. Use apply methods of Solution class instead.
    if (find)
      println(solution(x))   // instead of println(value(x))
  • Dot product operator of Vec is changed from *+ to :*.
  • value method is defined in Term and Constraint classes.
    if (find)
      println((x + 1).value(solution))
  • Anonymous variables can be created by Var() and Bool().
    • Names like _1, _2, etc. are used for anonymous variables.

Version 1.0.0 2011-08-28 Sun

  • Release of the first version.

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