15 Puzzle

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Welcome to "15 Puzzle" page. Before starting the puzzle, you need to specify the URL location of GIF files to be used (default is http://bach.istc.kobe-u.ac.jp/15puzzle/planet). The location should include 4*4 divided GIF files suffixed by "0"-"F" and "_". For example, when you specify http://aa.bb.cc/file.gif as the URL, the following files should be in the same place.
 http://aa.bb.cc/file.gif   (Full image)
 http://aa.bb.cc/file.0.gif (0,0 upper-left part)
 http://aa.bb.cc/file.1.gif (0,1 part)
 http://aa.bb.cc/file.F.gif (3,3 lower-right part)
 http://aa.bb.cc/file._.gif (blank image)
If you want a program to divide your GIF file into 4*4 parts, please click here.
Input URL =
or select
If you want to use your local images, please specify file:path_of_your_GIF_file as the URL.
N = (Upper-left parts are used if N < 4)

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